Saturday 3 February, 2018

Venetian courtesans were fashion trend setters who played artfully with the visual boundaries separating women into distinct groups. They manipulated the visual demarcations that divided women into groups according to the stages of their life cycle and their marital status: that is, maiden, married woman, or widow.

During the Renaissance, courtesans received constant attention, both good and bad; in private and in in public and by both the political and religious leaders. History and its secrets often passed before the eyes of these women, in lounges and beds, women of which many have heard, but of whom few know the story.

Some of them were prostitutes but it was practiced in a different fashion: very sophisticated and almost noble. A powerful mix of lust, culture, luxury, poetry, music, grace and fiction.

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro takes place in the heart of Venice, only ten minutes walking from Saint Marc square.

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro takes place in one of the most residential area of Venice, Castello district, few minutes walking from Saint Marc Square.

The complete address is: Salizada Santa Giustina 2926, Castello 30300, Venezia.